Tips to get your home ready for fall

Tips to Get Your Home Ready For Fall!

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Cooler temperatures and falling leaves serve as a reminder that the fall season is fast approaching. As the seasons change, so do our activities outside of and in the home. As Fall fast approaches, it’s a good time to do some seasonal maintenance to keep your home running smoothly. The weather can change quickly, especially if you live in a colder climate and you don’t want to be caught unprepared. A bit of attention now will save costly repairs and aggravation later. Here are some tips to get your home ready for fall!


Interior Maintenance

Feel for drafts.

Make a point to feel around the edges of windows and doors. A good tip is to use a lighted candle and if the flame flickers, there’s most likely a draft. If necessary, replace seals and repair caulking around window and door frames. Consider buying heavier or insulated drapery for especially drafty windows.

Service your furnace.

Hire an HVAC professional to test for leaks, check heating efficiency, and change the filter. They can also do a carbon monoxide check to ensure air safety. It’s also a good idea to stock up on extra air filters and change them every few months.

Replace Your Batteries.

Replace the batteries in all your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices and test to make sure they’re working properly.

Adjust Household Temperature.

Change your temperature settings to make your home ready for the colder weather. Make sure the house is warm when people are active (mornings and evenings). But don’t be afraid to lower the temperature by several degrees or more when the family is away or sleeping.

Inspect Your Furnace.

Check your furnace for soot, ignition problems, pilot light health and the state of other components to make your home ready for fall. Also, clean up dust and grime and arrange a professional inspection for anything that worries you. This is also a great time to switch out your filters, since clean air is important when the house is closed for winter.

If Necessary, Service Your Water Heater.

Pay special attention to your water heater. Over time, water heaters can get loaded down with sediment, overcome with scale, or other problems that reduce efficiency and lead to problems. If you haven’t paid much attention to your water heater, it may be time to clean it out for the coming months to make your home ready for the cold.


Exterior Maintenance

Check your roof.

You should be able to do at least a visual inspection of the roof from the ground. Grab some binoculars to get a closer look or if you’re able and can do so safely, climb on up for a better view. Be sure to look for missing, damaged, or loose shingles, if your roof is flat, you may need to remove leaves and debris. Fix what needs to be fixed, and clean your roof in its entirety. And don’t forget to clean the gutters while you’re up there!

Inspect your siding.

Check your home’s exterior for cracks or holes. If you find any, repair them yourself or hire a professional.

Turn off faucets and store hoses.

Drain garden hoses and disconnect from the outside spigots. Shut off exterior faucets, and if you have an older home, you may need to turn off the valve inside your home. Then, store the hoses in a dry place so any residual water won’t freeze.

Fertilize lawn.

Applying fall lawn fertilizer will help prevent winter damage and spring weeds. Ask a local garden center or check online to find out which type of fertilizer you need and when to apply it. If you have a lawn service, they should do this for you.

Store Seasonal Furniture.

Put away any seasonal furniture you have. Remember to clean it before storing it over the winter, preferably in a dry place. This is true even for durable outdoor padding, as it can develop mold issues over wet seasons. If you get a lot of snow, consider storing chairs and tables in a shed for better protection. Remember, mosaic tables can be particularly vulnerable to freezing temperatures.


Trees grow and grow during summer, as do the bushes, shrubs, and other plants in your garden. Check them all, and if necessary trim them back — especially trees, since they could be getting too close to power lines or your roof and could damage either of them.

As you’re enjoying the last bits of summer, these tips to get your home ready for fall will make sure that your home is prepared for the coming fall season.


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