Kitchen Trends of 2019

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Trends will come and go, but decorating is really about self-expression. Every year, homeowners focus on ways to refresh their spaces and the kitchen is likely part of the plan. If a style speaks to you, you’ll create something you love. After all, some of the classics today were the trends of yesterday. We’ve identified five kitchen elements we love right now that we believe will also stand the test of time. Explore how these kitchen trends of 2019 can help refresh your space.

Open Shelving

Open shelving makes this functional necessity an essential part of your design. Decorate them with objects you use every day, or with decorations not normally seen in the kitchen. It’s up to you whether you want a more minimal, coordinated feel or a fuller, mismatched look. A popular way to use floating shelves is to create mini vignettes with kitchen necessities and pretty decor. Vintage picture frames and pottery can tie the kitchen to the rest of the home and bring character to the walls.

The simple yet desirable look of open shelving easily attracts the attention of any guest visiting your home for the first time. It makes them feel more at home as they don’t have to go through the trouble of asking anyone if they need to find something in the kitchen. Unlike the typically closed shelf cabinets, open shelves have no division at all further optimizing your storage options.


Open Shelving Kitchen

Modern Subway Tile

Subway tiles are a classic choice, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The great thing about subway tile is the simplicity of the design. Whether your kitchen has a contemporary, modern, farmhouse, or even traditional style, subway tile comes in a variety of colors and tones that will match any design aesthetic. A current trend is rethinking how you use subway tiles. Think of different patterns, colors and materials that breathe new life into this timeless tile. Placing white subway tile in a less-expected layout, like a herringbone pattern, is the perfect way to put a personalized spin on your design. For an extra wow factor, mirrored tiles provide sparkle, shine and elegance.

There’s a reason modern subway tile is one of the most popular kitchen trends of 2019. Thanks to it beautiful style, subway tile works with you as your style and aesthetic change. Whether you’re adding texture to your space or incorporating new colors, subway tile is ever changing in your design!


Smart Kitchens

Technology is everywhere and now it’s in your kitchen, too. Smart kitchens are one of the most popular ways to modernize your home. Technology is becoming integrated into every part of the kitchen, operating lights, fridges, and even faucets. Refrigerators can tell you when it’s time to go pick up some groceries or if food is going bad. Cabinetry has built-in charging stations and some features of your kitchen can be controlled with your tablet or smartphone. From remote light controls to smart screen display fridges, there are plenty of genius updates to take advantage of for the best in kitchen design ideas.


Wood Is In

Wood in kitchens isn’t new, but with the onset of the all-white cabinetry trend, we started to see less natural wood grains. As homeowners crave more connections to nature they are again opting for wood cabinets. Wood finishes are looking rawer, lighter, and fresher than before. People are increasingly seeking connections from nature. It creates a welcoming and calming environment, and is a timeless, versatile material we love. For those who are more eco-conscious, try using reclaimed wood, as this look is also in right now. Whichever style you choose, wood cabinets will add some calm to your kitchen. Oak is versatile and suitable for any style of cabinet door, including the more modern looking recessed panels. If you want to spice things up, you can also go with a two-tone look, leaving your upper cupboards in oak and painting the lower ones.


Wood Kitchen



While trends will always ebb and flow, we say that if you love it, there aren’t any trends to avoid. However, we don’t recommend incorporating too many trendy elements into one space. Combine trendy elements with classics, like white subway tile, to keep the look feeling timeless and current at the same time.

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