Five Ways to Protect Your Floors Over the Holidays

5 Ways to Protect Your Floors Over the Holidays

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It’s the time of year for family gatherings, and if you’re lucky enough, you get to host everyone at your home this year! As the snowiest and muddiest time of the year, it’s important to keep your flooring in mind! You’ve bought the turkey, you’ve decorated the table, but have you taken the time to protect your flooring? Here are 5 ways to protect your floors over the holidays.


Invest in Door Mats.

When it comes to potential risks to your floors, two of the main hazards are dirt and debris. By placing doormats outside AND inside each entrance, you can cut down on the amount of grit that is tracked into your home, potentially causing scratches. Door mats can help create an appealing and attractive welcome to your home, but do they really have any effectiveness besides simply looking nice? In fact, entrance mats can help to defend your tile, carpet or wooden flooring from unsightly and unhealthy contaminants and keep your flooring looking clean and spotless for longer. Excess dirt and dust being brought into your home on visitor’s shoes could mean that you need to vacuum, spot clean and deep clean your carpets, tiles or floorboards more frequently in order to create clean, safe and healthy conditions within your home.



No Shoes in the House!

Ask your guests to remove their shoes upon entering your house. This might be hard if you have a large family, or are hosting a large gathering. By placing a large and dark area rug near the entrance, you can give your guests a place to put their shoes. Therefore, this will prevent outside elements from coming into contact with your floors.


Clip your Pet’s Nails.

If you have pets, make sure you trim their nails prior to any gathering that you’re hosting. Your pets can get very nervous or excited when company arrives, which could lead to scratches or tears on your floor. Therefore, taking this simple step can help improve the life of your floors beyond just the holidays!


Utilize Furniture Pads

Cover the feet on furniture with pads to create a layer of protection between the furniture and hardwood floors. A number of types of pads are available, including tap-on, slip-on, and stick-on. Heavy furniture may require better protection than furniture pads provide. For items that are heavy or have pointed feet, consider using a protective cup or mat. In addition to creating a protective layer for the floor, cups or mats spread the weight out to prevent pointed feet from piercing or scratching the floor. No matter what type of furniture pad you decide to use, be sure to choose a material that will work well on your floor. Felt and rubber are the best options for hardwood floors; although rubber can leave scuff marks. Felt pads wear down over time, so use a pad made of thick felt, especially for heavy furniture.

Rugs are your New Best Friend.

Utilize area rugs and runners in key high traffic areas in your home. Hallways and dining rooms are common areas that could benefit from a protective rug. Remember to use rugs with a natural backing (like felt) as rubber-backed rugs can cause discoloration on the floor’s surface. One of the worst things you can do to your poor hardwood floors is lay down a rug with latex backing, which is usually found on natural fiber rugs. Latex traps moisture and gases that can stain and strip your hardwood’s finish.

Do your floor a kindness and preserve it by investing in a rug with a woven backing. Wool rugs are safe for hardwood floors because they allow plenty of air to move through their breathable fibers. In places where you do the most walking or standing, choose a carpet pad with a little bit of extra cushioning. For flat-weave rugs, try a discreet, dual-sided felt rug pad that reduces slippage.


Living Room Rug


We hope these 5 ways to protect your floors over the holidays will help you prepare for the holiday season! If you take these precautions, you’ll have more time to spend enjoying time with family and friends, and less time spent worrying about your floors!


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