Bathroom Trends 2020

Bathroom Trends 2020

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With 2020 in full swing, is it time to give your bathroom a face-lift? While some bathroom decor ideas are almost perpetually Pinterest-worthy — it’s hard to argue against the fresh and clean appeal of a white bathroom. After all, there are plenty of new trends adding interest, functionality and modern style to the bathroom every year. From practical updates to maximize space, to the latest and greatest color and hardware styles; these bathroom design trends are the ones to watch in 2020.

Black is back!

Grey may have been one of the most popular styles in 2018 and 2019, but that’s all about to change with 2020! Grey is great, but black is better! Darker tones, specifically black, are here. This trend is most popular in light fixtures, vanities, mirrors, and other fixtures- especially with matte finishes! Since some homeowners may be hesitant when it comes to adding these even darker tones to their homes, grey may continue to be a top choice for those looking to stray away from a classic white or neutral color, but aren’t quite ready for the boldness of black.


Black bathroom


Brass and Gold Fixtures

Gold fixtures are back and better than ever! Shades of brass and gold are taking over sinks, toilets, and basically anything and everything in your bathroom this year. Erase the memories of your Grandparent’s bathroom brass faucet, because this lovely new warm toned gold plumbing fixtures will become your new go to, adding just the right amount of depth, dimension, and luxury feel to any space.

Homeowners love the change to warmer accents with the brass/gold toned bathroom fixtures versus the traditional shiny polished chrome which conveys a more cool, modern, and sleek feel. Offered in new finish options like in satin, matte, and spun gold this subtle change is just what was needed to add that classic traditional element to any space.  With the added bonus of keeping fingerprints and water spots hidden. This warmer tone has become the accent pieces of a room, with complimenting hardware, light fixtures, and mirrors as well.


Wood Accents

With the phasing out of grays in the bathroom comes the return of warmer tones and accents- specifically wooden ones! Various shades of wood can compliment white, blue, green, and darker colored bathroom. Practically anywhere! Wood accents pair nicely with vintage and industrial trends so it’s no surprise that they’re popping up again. This look adds a classically traditional style to you other wise trendy and modern bathroom. You can give everywhere of your bathroom a fresh look such as flooring, vanities, walls, as well as mirror frames in this easiest and cheapest way with wood. It’s a very wonderful way to give your bathroom a fresh outlook with simple updates by adding wood accents that won’t break the bank. Plus, with the waterproof benefits of LVP, your flooring can be the perfect accent.


Big Bathtubs & Open Showers

The bigger the bathtub, the more space and relaxation will be available to you. Homeowners deserve a place to wind down after a long day, and what better place to do so than their own bathrooms? While Jacuzzi styled tubs aren’t necessarily are popular as they used to be, we’re seeing a shift in preferences to other large tub styles. Open showers appear to visually increase the size of your bathroom, while also giving it more space and providing convenience for users. Long gone are the days of worrying about slipping over the edge of the tub while you’re trying to get out and dry off. While some may find this design has a lack of privacy, others enjoy the accessible openness and increased shower space.

Open Shower


Floating Vanities

Floating bathroom vanities used to be synonymous with contemporary design for years. But with the simplification of life styles, new design aesthetics and trends, sometimes it’s simply just the square footage available that makes floating bathroom vanities the essential extra touch needed to float your bathroom to the next level. This helps reduce the visual weight of the cabinetry and offers the break to let the coordinating materials shine. Don’t worry about your storage needs either, since you can add built-in organization compartments into the cabinetry. Alternatively, you can add baskets underneath that offers some artful utility.


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