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AQM Grout Sealer

Aqua Mix Grout Sealer is a water-based sealer that resists water-, oil-, and acid-based contaminants. This grout sealer simplifies maintenance and does not change the appearance of the grout. Repels food, dirt, and grease, and oil- and acid-based contaminants Inhibits mildew and bacteria Outperforms silicone sealers Lasts up to 5 years Aqua Mix Grout Sealer is a low maintenance product. For best results, use Aqua Mix Concentrated Stone and Tile Cleaner as your routine cleaner. Aqua Mix Grout Sealer is recommended for cementitious sanded and un-sanded porous grout joints for ceramic tile installations. It may be used for interior and exterior applications and allows vapor transmission. Coverage: Approximately 400 to 1,200 square feet per coat per gallon, depending on size and porosity of grout joint, temperature, humidity, and method of application. Give us a call at 507-285-1109 to get recommendations on what tools you'll need for a do-it-yourself project. We can help you with not only selecting the right tile or flooring, but help you install it too.