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Wicanders Cork Floors

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The distinctive style of Cork Flooring

In modern interior design, the creation of spaces with style and personality starts with beautiful and expressive floors. Using and combining different shapes of natural Cork, our team of experts and trendsetters created a unique collection that opens a new approach in decoration, in harmony with nature and human emotions.

The style, charm and sophistication of these genuine natural designs, provides the creation of atmospheres full of authenticity and character.

Wicanders® cork floors have been developed over the years to provide the perfect match between beauty, comfort and the highest standards of durability.

Combining traditional and modern features, Corkcomfort floors are made of a unique multilayer structure. The top finishing layer of wear protection prevents scratches and abrasions due to normal use. The different cork visuals are made with a layer of extremely thin sheets of veneer and, underneath, lays a core layer of pressed cork which provides stability, warmth and comfort under your feet.

This core cork layer, due to its slight resilient qualities, has the ability to bounce back from hard impacts, which makes it very robust and increases the life span of the flooring.

With Corkcomfort floors there is no need to invest in extra underlay to improve sound and thermal properties. Natural cork cells are perfect sound absorbers and insulators.