Three Secrets to Maintaining Hardwood Floors

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Take care of your beautiful hardwood floors by following these three easy steps.


Step 1. Always Vacuum or sweep to remove dirt and grit prior to cleaning your wood floors.

Step 2. Lightly Mist an 8’x8 area of your wood floor or directly mist a terry cloth rag with hardwood floor cleaner. (Available at the Tile Superstore & more!)

Step 3. Wipe using a back and forth motion with your clean terry cloth mop or rag.


Pro Tip: When a spill occurs, soak up the bulk of the liquid immediately. Mist the area with hardwood floor cleaner and wipe.


What not to do…

  • Don’t let sand or grit build up, they will act like sand paper and dull your finish.
  • Never wet mop your floor, this may cause your floor to swell or cup.
  • No high heels on hardwood floors.
  • Keep pets claws trimmed to avoid excessive scratching and gouges.
  • Do not use wax, oil soap, or other house hold cleaners on your polyurethane finished wood floor.


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