Granite Countertop Fabrication

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Granite Countertop Fabrication

We guide you through the steps from selecting the stone, to maintenance of your beautiful new countertops.

1. Selection:
The first step of the process is selecting a stone. You can either choose from an in-stock piece, or order a stone from one of our major suppliers. We have plenty of vanity-sized in-stock pieces which are reasonably priced. Next, select the type of edge. The edge, the type of stone, and how many cut-outs, will determine the cost of the project.

2. Templating:
Then, our trained experts measure and create an exact template of your kitchen, bath, or special project. The template contains information regarding the location of sinks, seams, and edges.

3. Fabrication:
Our fabrication process is broken down into stages. The first involves cutting the slab of granite. We cut the slab into the general shapes of the countertop. Then, the pieces cut from the first stage will be placed in a fully automated machine where edge treatments will be ground from the stone.

4. Polish:
Next, we hand polish all our edges and cut-outs for a perfect shine. Automated machines generally leave grooves and lines in edges. Our hand polishing techniques avoid this problem for a perfect finish.

5. Installation:
Installation is the final stage of the process. Our team delivers and installs the slabs. We also install the sink. Our installation does not include any plumbing or electrical work.

6. Sealing:
After the installation, our crew seals the granite. This seal is good for a period of approximately one year. The granite should then be resealed.