Ruining Your Hardwood Floors?

Are You Ruining Your Hardwood Floors?

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Hardwood floors are an investment, and you want to care for them as best you can. However, you may actually be damaging your hardwood flooring when you think you are caring for them. Hardwood floors can last for decades with proper care, but they can also be easily ruined if you’re not careful! Are you ruining your hardwood floors? Read on to learn more.


Your Cleaner.

One of the ways you may be damaging your flooring is by using the wrong cleaner. Some hardwood floor cleaners actually hurt floors, instead of helping them. Citrus-scented floor cleaners can actually strip finishes. Before using a cleaner, check to make sure it is compatible with your flooring. The way you clean your hardwood flooring can have a huge impact on its appearance and lifespan.

Another thing you should avoid is using abrasive tools or harsh cleaning solutions. These can easily damage your flooring. The safest technique for cleaning hardwood is to sparingly apply a mild cleaning solution with a soft microfiber mop or mop pad. Beware of using cleaning products like oil soaps to clean certain types of hardwood flooring. Many modern types of hardwood flooring have a finish that doesn’t require waxing. Using oily or waxy cleaners on these floors can leave behind a residue buildup that can be extremely difficult to remove.


Your Welcome Mat/Area Rug.

It’s important to know that certain types of rug backings can harm your hardwood floors. Certain rug backings can stain or discolor your flooring, while others can trap gases that warp your floors and ruin the finish. When you’re shopping for an area rug to put over your hardwood, make sure that it’s safe for use on hardwood floors!

Another way you may be hurting your flooring is by not having a welcome mat. Sure, a welcome mat may seem like just a decoration, but a welcome mat can actually help you keep dirt and debris from coming into contact with your hardwood. Without a welcome mat, your floor can start to feel like sandpaper at the bottom of your feet. Not only is this uncomfortable and dirty, but it can also lead to damage.


Protect Against Scratches.

Do you have a pet? If so, untrimmed pet nails can scratch up your floor. Make sure to maintain your pet’s nails for their health and the condition of your flooring. If you can hear your pet’s nails tapping the floor when they walk, it is time to cut their nails. Similarly, unprotected furniture legs and high heels can scratch up your floors. Always take the time to lift furniture when you’re moving it around on hardwood floors. Sliding your furniture is a quick way to scratch up your nice hardwood floors! And make sure to add felt furniture pads to anything that rests directly on your floors as an added safety measure.


Improper Vacuuming.

Many vacuums now feature an attachment designed to be used on hardwood flooring. Be sure to use it whenever you clean your hardwood floors! If you don’t have a hardwood flooring attachment, just be sure to turn off the brush or beater before vacuuming hardwood. While a brush or beater is great for cleaning carpet, it can easily leave behind marks or scratches on hardwood flooring.

When vacuuming your flooring, make sure you are using a hardwood-safe vacuum head. Some heads, especially metal heads, can scratch your floors. While you think you are caring for your floor by removing dirt and debris, you are actually scratching your floors.

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