Granite Frequently Asked Questions

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What about staining and sealing?
While not all granite have the same physical characteristics, most granites have naturally low moisture absorption rates. Therefore, staining of your granite top, especially when highly polished, is normally not an issue. With that said, it is a common practice by our fabricators to apply a sealant to the countertop for added security. Future applications of the sealant will only take a cotton cloth, sealer and a few minutes of the homeowner’s time. The only caution we tell our customers about granite staining is to avoid any hot grease or oil. Hot grease and oils can penetrate the stone and leave dark spots. Foods with hot grease or oils are cookies, pies, pizza’s etc. These hot foods should never be set directly on the granite or any natural stone for that matter.

Can you scratch granite?
Second only to diamonds, granite is one of the earth’s hardest stones. With that, few materials have the ability to scratch your granite. Therefore, one can be rest assured that granite will not scratch under normal conditions.

Can you chip granite?
While one of the most aesthetically pleasing stones, granite is also one of the hardest. Unless you are heavily abusing your countertop with a hammer or another excessive force, granite is unlikely to chip. Yet in the event that it does, you should save the chips and bring them to your fabricator. They will be able to use the chips to repair your countertop.

Are granite countertops easy to care for?
Absolutely. The Tile Superstore & More carries a granite cleaner which is as easy as spraying it on the granite and whiping it down to keep it looking new for years to come. In the event that you may not have a bottle of cleaner at home use a mild dish soap and water. Do not use cleaners containing ammonia as they will leave a dull film on the top of the granite.