Facts About Granite

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Facts About Granite – Countertop Cleanliness

If you are concerned about bacterial contamination of your kitchen countertops, granite and stainless stee are the way to go. That is what a study by the Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management, a St. Paul, Minnesota-based organization that develops education materials and research for the retail food industry shows.

The study measured the bacteria resistance capacity of six common countertop materials. Each surface was contaminated with E-coli (nearly two billion of th emicroorganisms), washed and rinsed with soap and water and then sanitized with a vinegar-and-water solution. The results are shown below.

Surface Microorganisms ELIMINATED by cleaning:
Stainless Steel: 85,113,804
Granite: 79,432,823
Plastic Laminate: 498,884
Tile: 293,765
Concrete: 32,810
Wood: 2,080